I dreamed addiction

Written by: Amanda Sullivan

Trying to walk down a blood striken street,
not easy with bare feet,
I looked at the floor in a daze,
dazed and confused,
and totally bemused,
frost bite in my frozen bue and greyish toes,
I started to glare at myselfin the distant dim street lamp,
a shadow of my former self,
skeletal, malnourished,
my broken heart skipped a beat.

I sunk to the floor,
ashamed, terrified, at what I had become,
my lonely addiction fueled mornings turned to day's,
day's turned to night's,
to week's,
to month's,
to years's,
Is this what my life had become,
amounted to,
life on the dingy streets,
sticky, damp, cardboard boxes,
wet, soiled blankets,
and can's of gone off stale ale,

A white horse,
a charger,
could this be my happy ever after.