The Pleasure of Thinking and Thanking

Written by: Franklin Goode

The Pleasure of Thinking and Thanking

Pleasure comes in many forms. The ultimate is what pleases you. So decide!  Do for you, what others may not do. 

Please do not misunderstand, it’s not a game. You are already a winner, just as you stated and did not hesitate.

It amazing, I can do both and receive the same joy. Ummm!  The pleasure of thinking and thanking. It’s delicious and nutritious. 

 I must do it more.  This, I could adore.  I think, I will thank more.

Since I’ve tried it, I have become a better me.  Ah!  What a relief, no more tests, more rest, less stress, more pleasantry when dealing with humanity.

What was I thinking?  When I could have been thanking.  Oh well! Never too late, I may as well take the bait.

EXTRA- EXTRA, Read all about it!  “Individual Discovers New Gift”.  As a result of this discovery, numerous life changing events have made their life meaningful, joyful, and peaceful.

Thanking you, for thinking of me. 
Dr. “G”