The road ahead

Written by: Scott Anderson

My mind was just a hazy mess, and truth was far from me,
   common logic grappled fear and reason ran like pee.
So alone,So far from home was not my hearts desire,
    Tucked abreast in some side quest, deep within the fire.
To lay down before you what no man has taught you,
    you saw the unthinkable truth                       
That here your alone nearly chilled to the bone
    And your heart is a'pounding with grief,                 
Hessant foot fumbles as bumbling legs
    swagger their way to the pass,
And looking there on it, you'll naught be beyond it,
    And your mind will fall dead on the grass.
Sweat licks your brow as you thudder n shake 
    as you draw all your energy bay,
And sum all your courage in the last of defiance ,
    To reach the sweet break of the day.
Looking down that winding road,and seeing only darkness,
    But looking back that old dirt track, no going back regardless