Glory to Glory

Written by: Judy Radach

Lord as i'm going from trial to trial
   You stretch me and grow me
      to be more like You.
I kick and I squeal,fight hard against it,
   but You will have Your way
      what 'ere I might do.

It feels like you're stretching and molding too much,Lord
   It seems that You're pushing 
      to grow me too fast.
The trials pile up on top of each other
   Will they never stop,Lord?
      How long will they last?

You know my heart is completely committed,
   to stretching and growing
      and doing You will.
But at times my old nature rises against it
   kicking and fighting
      and will not be still.

Lord, with your help i'll conquer the problems.
   I know one day
      i'll be totally free.
Then You will take me from glory to glory
   So i'll persevere
      till that victory I see.