Dedicated to you

Written by: Aseem Desai

You know I love you so much, so much so that it aches,
Yet I love you so, I just give what it takes,
Sometimes I do wild things, just to play rebel to the wife,
Yet deep down I know, it is you, who lights up my life.
Just To stay by me, I know you gave given up more than I can ever give,
I cannot forget that for a day, a moment, not a single second that I live,
You are my world, my dreams, my strength, my hopes, my gain,
You are my peace, my song, my antidote to pain,
You are the music, in my every breath the sweet sound,
You are the fundamental force that makes my little world go round,
This I cannot finish writing, yet I am forced to send,
For  this is the story of my love for you, and it will Never end…
Love you , more..
Each day..
Each second..