Candle Silhouettes

Written by: Xavier Keough

For every beginning
Why must there be an end
Shadows creased where whispers cease
As bristling memories brush past me
like a Mediterranean love affair
Jasmine wisps of your unbridled hair
Tickling my face in waves of azure
Eyes locked so hearts could endure

The bed is made
But your impression is still there
Soft and tangible, subtle yet indelible 
Candle silhouettes where laughter lit
Fiery portraits of passion’s first kiss
The intimacy of a beauty we shared  
Eternity embroidered on your pillow top
Undisturbed promises that I never forgot

I sometimes cry
Unsure of what to say or do
Cradling you in this immortal room 
As cisterns of sorrow spill unwrapped perfume
Where burnt cinnamon candles have beaded cold
Next to the Venetian lamp, by the unplugged phone
Hoping somehow…someway
I won’t wake-up alone