What Would You Do

Written by: peggy caulfield

What would you like to do on a rainy day?
You can't go outside, you have to stay in and play.
Would you get out your building blocks,
Make a tower that chimes a clock?
Would you nestle down in a big arm chair,
Engrossed in a book till the rain isn't there?
Would you race cars up and down the banister,
Or hold your pet close and pat its fur?
Tell me, What would you  do on a rainy day,
When you can't go outside to have your play?
Would you bring out scissors, paper and glue;
Design yourself a pair of eskimo shoes?
Would you draw a picture of a mountain peak;
Or a boat out on the sea with a terrible leak?
At your window pane would you watch for a bow;
Hoping the sun will shine out with a glow?
On a rainy day you don't have to be blue,
Your imagination is full of great things to do!

Written with the Cat in the Hat in mind