Staring Back At The Earth

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

The earth abandoned and cold
Gravity is gone,silent winds heard
No one`s here anymore to alight the sun
Planet Earth has lost its colors
There`s no life here anymore

My tired legs,weakened by hunger and thirst
Stumble on dusty ground..Once colorful and filled with life
Drifts helpless out into space..Weightless and unable to stop 
Staring back at Earth..Distance back home increases..On my own now
It is no longer white clouds and blue oceans to be seen..Its all muddy brown
Once atmosphere..Replaced with foggy gas clouds..Life is gone..Lights are out

Accepting my destiny..Keep wondering..
Will I face the almighty Himself out here..Creator of the universe
I am done crying..Helpless feeling turns to apathy
Will you guide me..To my new home..Set the Course
Push me in the right direction..Life is gone..Lights are out

April 22nd 2012

For Tracie`s contest