Incineration of Love God Madan Cupid 2

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Incineration of Indian Love God Madan ( Cupid )2 of Many
or Madan Dahan in Hindi

Originally written in Hindi by my late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor
1899 to 1994. Partly edited in Hindi also by Ravindra K Kapoor

English translation and version by Ravindra K Kapoor.

Prelude to this epic.
According to Indian mythology Madan the Love God or Cupid was asked to divert the attention of Lord Shiva*, the supreme God of Hindus, who was lost in deep meditation,  so that Lord Shiva may be requested to help the Gods from the attacks of the demon supreme immortal Tarakasur. However, when Madan disturbed Him in meditation Shiva became too furious and opened His third eye. Madan the Cupid God got burnt by the fire of the anger of his third eye. This epic reveals many interesting incidents about this story later in this series…..

Incineration of Indian Love God Madan ( Cupid )2 of Many

Uncontaminated Love prevailed,
In men and women alike,
Moving without bondages,
Like the birds fly in the sky.

While living on the beautiful Earth,
All were enjoying it's glory,
And keeping faith in truth,
A love empire was created on Earth.

Violence  was there, but  was 
Hated and dishonoured by all,
Only the selfless and pure love,
Was the ideal of everyone's life.

Kanpur India 22nd April 2012
to continue  in 3....