If you really knew me

Written by: Shelby Smith

If you really knew me
Would you be surprised?
Could you make yourself gasp
If you saw beyond my eyes?

Will the truth startle you
And scare you away?
Or would it welcome you
And ask you to stay?

Would you yell at me 
And call me a fake?
Or would you look closer
And find nothing to take?

Can I ask you to believe me 
And say everything is fine?
Or would try to save me
And help me not to hide?

Hide whined all these years
Of weak strength and despair.
Hold me up with your faith
And prove to me you care.

All I really want is
For someone to dare.
Step outside the boundaries
And prove the world is fair.

But if you really knew me
Would you be surprised?
Would YOU take the chance
To see beyond my eyes?