silences the old in me

Written by: rochelle smith

as the rain settled on my window i could hear a cry from within a single tear drop . and resembles the drops of rain that had rainned that day , it was silent and i had no words left to say , somehow the peace had poured all around me , and your face was all could see , i want to be someone else but all ican be is me , all can see is me the woman inside that use to be a girl is no more , my bones are old now and my heart still warmed by a memory that he gave me , my life is at a stand still , we cant go back all i have is forard now , i wish there wouldnt be so much silence here , but out there all is there is screaming of pain and unlightlessness. still and people reaching for a new way , something happy to say nothing is the same anymore , out there they all want the same things , well fighting misunderstandings all around , mabie we shouldnt hear a sound , is it better to not hear.