Written by: John Loving III

what once was bright
is now a terrible fade
an indominable feeling
that hope once gave
i'd look at you and
my heart would melt
in the beginning thats
exactly how i felt
now i've seen 
those feeling depart
and something diminished
pulls us apart
all that extra energy
just seemed to desolve
after suspisions of unfaithfullness
became involved
my illusions decreased
and came to a cease
and my stary stare 
became a glare
what was  once deemed ours
now yours and mine
all of love disitegrated
by one single crime
instead of love
i have the passion of hate
feelings well hidden
as i resolve my fate
looking for a get away
away to escape
an open door
an unlocked gate
once a secret love
now a secret hate
i wanted to be with you
but now i want to escape