Little Ant Choo Choo Train

Written by: Melody Coster


Five little ants, chugging along
Alternatively, perhaps it was six, hard to tell
I saw no engine nor did I see a caboose
Saw no little smoke stack belching smoke
Nor did I hear a whistle blow
However, these little fellows were sure determined
To get where they were going
Or perhaps they were returning from where they had been.
They let nothing stand in their way
No obstacle blocked their travels
However, every so often they seemed to stop
As if to make sure they were headed the right way
I wish I knew where they were headed
For perhaps I would follow them
And find a pleasant place to end my journey.
I could well imagine the conversations
Being conversed along their way
Perhaps they were as interested in me
As I was in them, but I think not 
For they continued on their way
As I watched them slowly move along
On their journey to someplace.