Augustine Galileo's Heart

Written by: John Rhinem

Always holding fast loves muse; never distant from this seemingly

Knights-errant spirit; symmetrical mirrors reflecting such hues amid these

Revolving spectrums crossed....

Afore a galaxy of stars both near and afar ~

Scarlets vivid oarnge heart immersed in the pools of febrils

Passion soaked gravitations thus red; filling these eyes and burning inside

This Souls breezeway between the here and agains, taverned flames

Intangibles, searching nomad nights....

Transmogrifies columns forever shifting within the celestial skies

Although always returning unto these physio-monastic planes

Grasping tightly still this loves muse ~

Far beyond the illusions of but, a knights-errant spirit; such

Fervant gravitations towards scarlets vivid oarnge pools in, red....

Passion soaked truths burning so very deeply inside

Transitories breezeway between the here and agains, transmogrified Souls columns

Revolving spectrums crossing; this nomads searching tavernous night 

Afore a galaxy of stars both near and afar, aneath, these tangible perceptions....


...."Augustine Galileo's Heart" *