You're Turning Into Luke

Written by: Jodie Williams

And so there it is. The truth. What was once a far off glimmer is now glaring. In my face. Interogating.
How can you not see the hope you gave. The hand you held out and snatched away as I jumped. And you watched me fall alone.
How do I get it so wrong? I swore I wouldn't play this game again. No matter how many times I roll the die it always lands on ONE.
Or was it imagination all along?
I can't do this again. I think this time it may just kill me. And I may just let it. Let it wash over me. A sea of 'I wanted'. I'll drown in this hopelessness.
Silly of me for thinking that this was my precious, second chance at tasting bliss. I have to realise and accept the truth.
That you don't love me too.