My life as a book

Written by: Robert Walker

i wonder if i wrote a story of my life
what dark secrets would i reveal
would i really what to go through this twice 
if i read about the way i lived

the pain i cause to some i was  blessed to meet
the shame brought to mom from my life in the streets
the love i betrayed by messing around 
or the heart i saved with the love i found

would i really like the way things looked 
if i viewed my life in a book
after constantly turning through page after page
going over all the dumb mistakes that i made 

yea been more places than some , to some i've done more things
might appear to a small group that i lived somewhat like a king
but they are only on the outside looking in at my life 
 not knowing how it comes with such a great price

although there are some nice ending to some of my stories 
and its to God i owe that glory
but how much must be read before we reach that chapter
for my life is not the story that many would have sought after