Tough Tears Do Not Last

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Each time you fall, if you 
have a fine
future, get back on you feet,
but if you have no purpose 
to pursue, just remain in 
your pit.
The man at the top today 
has been
through lots of terrible 
That sister who is smiling 
now screamed a lot 

Tough tears don't last till 
tomorrow for those 
trusting in the
Tough times brings 
troubles and trials and also 
trophies and
No flower become fragrant 
except it faces two fierce 
rainfall and sunshine, so no 
soul can succeed without... 
sorry stories.

If you still have a heart, you 
have a hope, so reach for 
that height!
If you still have the breath 
of life, you can still be 
blooming and
Those mighty men were 
formerly in the same mess 
you are today,
you can make it to the hall 
of honour, make that 
decision without delay.
Copyright 2012.
Adeleke Adeite.