ghost of the leaving

Written by: Anthony Slausen

angel face hovers the room
offering halos
ringing sweet yet silent,
the howling burrs of blue
a smile half hidden by rose tinted locks
swirling silent desires-
satin soul smock

her hand is petal, sacrifice to wanting  lips
 heat slowely circling {anticipation} as the light dims
scent of forever on the nape of her being

lust is blind cloudburst
pink coral unravelling....
love - eternally seeing

in the tangles of morning, 
angel face awakens
turns her head toward 
the ghost of the leaving
but she's stronger than selfish
flattens every ball of his hate
growing wise as sunflower
on wildfire glade

there'll come a moment 
when angel meets a true mate
when time captures
the sprinting spirit of her faith