Nature Soup

Written by: Diana-Marie Bombardieri

we must follow the recipe closely
my little brother’s eyes widen in hope
I say, if not it will turn out grossly
and he asks if we can put in some rope
I wonder if his ears work - I say nope!

the ingredients are very precise
I tell him I don’t want to do this twice
only natural elements will do
four rose petals will be enough to entice
all the children in town, to crave our stew

one smooth stone and two wild berries for taste
a sprig of pine and a flower stomped flat 
I counsel on picking, don’t chose in haste
little bit of this, little bit of that
but just enough so we will not get fat

I permit him to stir, with a clam hand
cautiously not letting in any sand
I secretly share my move, loop-D-loop
ensuring our dinner will not be bland
we shall be famous for our nature soup

Diana-Marie Bombardieri
-The things we do as children;) My brother and I perfected nature soup and drank it on the regular. Nothing but water from the garden hose and gifts from mother nature- !