Midnight Pearl

Written by: Curtis Moorman


It was well past midnight, the streets dark and bare
She appeared out of nowhere, just standing there

A full moon slithered across a cloudy sky
I was mesmerized by her without knowing why

Never had I seen such a beautiful young girl
She shimmered and glistened like a precious pearl

She approached me slowly and took my hand
The warmth of her closeness was truly so grand

She guided me toward the seashore close by
Spoke not a word -- she seemed rather shy

The rest of the evening is all just a blur
When I finally awoke, I couldn't find her

I searched the shoreline both up and down
I talked with shopkeepers all over town

No one had seen this lithe sensation
And said I must be having an hallucination

Was I only dreaming -- was she really there
What actually happened -- what did we share

I may never again see this lovely young girl
But I'll always remember my Midnight Pearl

Curtis Moorman
19 April 2012

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