Written by: Terry Bass

Bewildered emotions making me blind 
 covered with darkness racing through time.
A shimmer of light shines its way through
 to only be faded as darkness subdues.
I struggle with fear as i battle this night
 afraid of this darkness that threatens my life.
I'm tired and weak ,too drained to speak
 surrounded by pain with darkness to blame
 yet i continue to stay strong.
Digging down deep resenting defeat
 i reach for it all with hope not to fall.
Bursting within releasing deaths hold
 shooting through fresh as if wilted and old.
My darkness fades revealing a glow 
shimmering white as if covered with snow.
Calm soothing emotions consume my soul
 assurance of life while gaining control.
No darkness in sight my faith restored now with control
 and assurance aboard.
I begin again breath fresh with glory
 avoid the darkness and begin a new story.