Tangled souls

Written by: Terry Bass

I sit here alone and think about you
scared of my heart and feelings for you.

All my emotions spinning inside, 
twisting and turning about to collide.

I have loved and lost many times before,
Im scared to get close and hurt anymore.

You awaken a love from deep in my soul
a love that was lost from life's endless stroll.

You are the flickering light guiding my path
you pull me from danger and shelter pains wrath.

A twinkle of light from deep in your eyes offer's
me love and escape from past lies.

You opened your heart and offered me life as i 
shivered and shook with tears in my eyes.

I promise to love and express my soul, to offer forever
and together grow old.

Will you promise me sanction between your heart and mine
and together be remembered as one of a kind.

                              Terry B.