Heart Breaker

Written by: Terry Bass

I devoted my heart to one special girl
who i considered the one for me in this world.

She played with my heart,my mind,my soul 
a full intent of hurt had begun to unfold.

If she only knew this hurt that i felt, 
this pain that i have over the hand that she delt.

This pain that i endored was enough to take hold and 
now i admit my feelings are cold.

I sit here alone shaken and battered this womens insane
to think she is master.

I pull myself up with anger inside like two runnaway 
trains about to collide.

She looks with fright as i start to ignite the fire is gone 
she knows she is wrong.

I express to her with full intend i have had enough and
now im bent.

I am hurt and tired of your hatred and greed you have 
punctured my heart and left it to bleed.

I cast you out and walk away i secure what is left
of my inetgreity that remains.

I have suffered to much from her life sucking touch 
i will heal what is broken and remember words spoken.

Time has past and the scars are healed i have regained myself 
with a heart that now feels.

My life now has meaning and my soul is now true 
i will find my purpose and live life anew.

I save my heart for the one meant for me 
and know that one day true love will find me.

Its been over a year since i felt such pain 
i am happy and complete with love that remains 
i give my heart now pure and true im ready for you.