Written by: Akinbobola Adeyemo

To gain acceptability
You let yourself in on crowd mentality
With all this capacity
And intrinsic ability
You consciously decide the mortality
Of your own capability
You deny individuality
And instead accept multiplicity
All in search of false glory
You toy with your own story
You decide to change God’s transcript
Only to create your own flawed script
Sooner or later we’ll all face death
Pretty soon you’ll take your last breath
At the thought of this truth, many fret
The end of life is set
You’ll eventually join the bus
And believe you me
Its taking you nowhere near Jos
The real question is if you’re ready
To meet with your maker all calm and steady
With your eartlhly deeds worth it
And surely his judgement non-cloudy
Not that your feelings matter much
Only God decides such
I only pray heaven’s gate you touch
And on heaven’s lawn you eventually stand
On a day when many will land
In the scorching heat of hell’s sands
Only to kiss the devil’s hands………..