Written by: Akinbobola Adeyemo

Incompetent bastards they were
They could never be trusted
You know why?
You really wanna know why?
It isn’t really that much of a bummer

It’s coz they were alive
And breathing things
Would do anything
And absolutely everything
To keep breathing

So you see why, 
Ruby was his best friend?
Coz they had nothing to lose
They were already dead
Although alive to him

He knew there was no hope
He was surely condemned
Then he remembered something
It had been buried deep
Deep within the sections of his subconscious
The last words of that preacher
Yes, that preacher
The one that could not keep his mouth shut
The preacher’s child had been  sick
Seriously sick to the bones

The preacher had no money
He was helpless
After much turmoil
He decided to go to muchacho
He decided to seek help from the devil.