Written by: Akinbobola Adeyemo

There was always an assailant
Waiting around the corner
Paid millions of currency
To snuff the air out of his lungs
And to stop the beating of his heart

That was why
He’d always had ruby
The one and only
True friend
He’d ever had

She was so beautiful
More beautiful
Than any of her kind
So gentle was her touch
So mild was her feel

Truly she was always with him
She was his last hope
Last hope for love anyway
Did I forget to mention,
That ruby was and still is a pistol?
Infact she was on him now
Although, he couldn’t bend over to see her
Or feel her touch
He felt close to her
Now more than ever

He felt so safe
Safe and secure
She had gotten him
Out of more problems
Than his whole security team.