The first and last covenant

Written by: Mutemwa Gideon

In the beginning
There was lie and truth.
It was the birth of sin.
God gave man the chance in truth
But man after his own will
The freedom given through good
Was used to do bad.
Man gave way to sin
Then sin produced seed in man's nature.
Man in God's mercy sought what to do
So in man's heart:
Good did know bad, bad did know good.
Man broke the covenant with God through the first man

God's plan was not complete
As Adam thought it had.
Selling earth to Satan
Was not God's plan
Man was overcome by the troubles of sin
And to do good he had to suffer.
That was the way of the world
Then God send His only Son
And through Him He got
What was lost.
Which is God's New Covenant
To forgive by grace
What we had done
Atoned for by God's new plan.
It is the time of a new face
Of God's Sons in God's Race 
Through the first man