Written by: Hannah Croy

  He's saying that he loves me,
That there's no one else above me.
Yet I'm sitting here in pain again.

  He has my heart,
He has my world.
  He has me with one single word.
Yet I'm sitting here in pain again..

  When he knows all the right words to say,
When we actually have a sunny day.
  It's not long before it to rains again.

  When your heart can't take much more,
But you push yourself every time.
  When your too in love to let him go,
You just can't break the heavy chains.
  I'm on my knees to pray again

  When you have a man who wants to show,
That he loves you but your minds too scared to let the past go.
  Then you find that he is married and has 3 kids,
And you realize that they're all the same.
  I'm sitting here in the rain again.

  When your six years old,
And unwillingly have your innocence taken away.
  When you realize that you had no choice,
Throughout your life in your heart it will stay.
  I'm sitting here restrained again