Written by: elizabeth wesley

The wind blows love songs from afar
And rides the night on a fallen star;
A glow of light from enchanted skies
Holds the trance that stills your eyes;
I’ll kiss the song that fills the air
With haunting words that rise and flare
Around you Cecilia.

Eyes that flame that know not shame
Speak of love and call my name;
Knowing eyes, soft glowing eyes
That brim with tears and love's surprise
To draw my heart so close to you
As rose buds draw the diamond dew
The tempting eyes of Cecilia.

If I should be a great strong tree
Your tender self could lean on me;
Your touch would start and tear apart
Flames that consume my aching heart
And I would be but smoke to rise
Forever lost in empty skies
Oh, save me, my Cecilia.