Down the Road

Written by: Ricky Brown

4-18-2012        Down the Road
            I was walking slowly down that road ,oh yea,
            I found that to worry is not my friend,uh hu,
            Even though- I walk alone,I feel the shoes of a traveling man,
            I just remembered,what I had forgot, your voice on the phone,
            Begging me,to please come home, home from this road-oh yea,
            I ask her,did she forget -that I left her,when she was gone,
            Now I'm outside of Memphis with the blues-oh yea
            Made my way through Alabam,with nothing but a smile,
            From a one night stand,In my shoes I'll walk until I.m gone-oh yea
            Hoped on a train, Chicago bound,until I met this railroad clown,
            Who told me of a Hollywood town,where demand was up, for the rich was down,
            I've now got me a role of a lonely one walking down the road,
            Branding a smile ,paid for each mile,away I go ,-oh yea