Take me Away, Alive or Awake Part 2

Written by: louzana nubani

He glares at me 
And the scene glares right back at us 
A pool of oozing red surrounds us
The bed of roses shimmering 
The black silk with stains of velvet 
The shiny golden candles painted with a dark ruby 
Everything is Crimson, Everything is Blood
Everything is Beautiful.
As he sees the ache as I struggle to hold him, the helplessness of enduring
He grabs me easily and flattens me on the pool of red
As I start to close my eyes
And bits of life depart me
He stands up, begins to abandon this magical place 
My vision begins to blur, my hearing diminishing 
As I no longer hear the leaving footsteps
My heart beating. Still beating; its rhythms distant.
It Screams The Shout! The Final Plead, Calling, Whispering..
Upon the shallow silence
And he turns back
He glances at me, at my all 
And runs to hold me 
To Kiss me