Across I Go

Written by: Anon Poet

Across I go, Across broken plains
Across many aches, across hidden pains
Through mountains of misery
Through contorted faces of false bravery
Rushing towards Faraway Lands
Rushing forwards, with outstretched hands
As a blind man, seeking an illusory light
As a scared man, trying to escape the fright
Across I go, across frigid wastes
Across desolation, across Hell’s gates
Through valleys of smouldering snow
Through dead woods, which were once known to grow
Rushing towards Roaring Falls
Rushing over weeping walls, through wailing halls
As a dumb man, crying out in a drunken swoon
As a deaf man, harkening to an impending doom
Across I go, Across a bridge over a moaning chasm
Across a broken heart, across an involuntary spasm
Through shadowy, turbid, torpid fen
Through all this I go, my internal devastation, I ken