The Days Gone By

Written by: Anon Poet

Something else? Or is it just a question?
In every language, in every nation, nearly everyone                                                                          
Asks themselves at least once - Oh my!
Where have the days gone by…..?
The student panics. His greatest sorrow- 
The bloody exam is tomorrow!
The revision time is over. Out comes a cry-                                                                                         
Where have the days gone by??!!
The aged nostalgise. On their beds they lie.                                                               
Memories are all they have now to live by.                                                                
Their time is running high.
Where have their days gone by?                                                                                                          
The politician recounts- I wielded such power!                                                        
As I stuffed myself with bribes, assistants would hover.                                             
While the people cried- Fie!
Where have those days gone by???
The retired athlete rhapsodises. His old medals are all
That are left to remind him he once stood tall.                                                         
Those days were such a wonderful high!
Ah! Where have my days gone by….?
The jilted lover cries- What did I do wrong???!!!
With all my broken heart, for her I long…….                                                            
A silent tear rolls down as he looks up to the sky.
Just where have those days gone by………….
A street dog barks, a crow caws outside.
A vendor shouts, the phone rings by the bedside.
The nostalgia ends, the reverie is broken.
A sigh escapes, Words are swallowed unspoken.
As the world buzzes back like a house fly,
Forgotten are, The Days Gone By……………..