Hey Old Pal, Nice To See Nothing's Changed

Written by: Katty Holburn

Failure is a step up, when it comes to you.
Broken titles, whispered pasts.
No one's memories can last.

Tell me your pride, your secrets you hide.
Take a breath, open your eyes.
No one else could handle your lies.

Tied myself up again, looking around for a friend.
Remember when I looked to you?
Never thought the truth could be so, true.

Wrapped up in this tragically happy life of yours.
If you could be quiet for a moment, maybe you'd see.
You're all you'll ever let yourself amount to be.

It's a messed up world when you look out the window,
But take a look in the mirror,
Make your world a little more clear.

What's in front of your heart, holding the beat from the start.
Love and peace, hate and pain?
You think it all feels the same.

Success is a step down when it comes to you.
You waste no time, straight for the end.
Fairy tales don't tell you the ever after, because they can only end in failure.

Just step back for a moment, don't look to hard.
You'll hate to see that your life has started to rot.
Remove your eyes and see with your soul, failure is easy to spot.