The Cosmos

Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

swirling gases monster clusters of floating rock, black-holes and supernova's the pinnacle 
Of all imagination living magic void from adaptation or joint celebration 
gravity's fabric cuddling the weight of all creation 
spinning in numb service for the unknown purpose 
the cornucopia of wonder and fear.

Will the mind even conjure the wisdom of thou 
desperately waiting for reason,seeking out 

or shall we ever wallow in worn theory 
waiting for a trained genius to add to this story 
or will death allow the cheat giving us our comforting complete 
or will we retreat back to logic's feet and find we are nothing 
but a miraculous accident all bacteria, atom's just freaks 
either way it's magic and welcome when in nothing 
the smashing of need the screaming of invention and happening 
the living painting ever added and deleted, ever made and forgotten 
consumed and cemented dancing pattern each to their own 
but every conclusion the same the black hole and we are again.