For the patriots

Written by: Ryan Hebets

Sometimes life is tragic, sometimes life is tough.
Always and forever sometimes aren’t enough.
Sometimes you might feel, and sometimes you express,
all of your hopes, fears; dreams; and thoughts of loneliness.
Sometimes you must sit other times take a stand.
Fighting for our rights, and all that we believe in.
Life is full of choices, but liberty isn’t free.
The pursuit of all our happiness,
comes down to you and me.
We have the right to just say no,
but most of us say yes.
A commitment of a couple years,
to always give our best.

“God Bless America” We shout from sea to sea,
everyone who comes here, makes up our family tree.
Just a simple country in the world, we always pass the test.
Again, and again, and again… To show that we’re the best.