Loves Bouquet

Written by: Janette Fisher

He gave me a red Camelia,
That said I was the flame in his heart
And a dainty, blue Forget-Me-Not
To remember his love, when we were apart

To tell me, I brought him happiness
He sent me Honeysuckle, perfumed sweet
Then Lily-of-the- Valley
Which told me I made his life complete

Next, came a fragrant Daffodil
To say I was his only love
Echoed by a pretty Jonquil
As golden, as the sun up above

Lastly, came a single Rose
Whose beauty was beyond compare
A perfect bud, of the brightest red
His pure and undying love to declare

Although their beauty is fleeting
And their fragrance slowly, fades away
His simple acts, of giving flowers
Mean much more, than words can say.