Undecisive Indecision

Written by: Summer Arthur

I watch these flames catch fire
Burning bittersweet memories
That have been tainted with
The touch of cold Hate.

It's not you I hate, I could never,
It's the feelings you gave me
That fuel this rage, I'm not used
To feeling so much.

They say accept it and move on
But I don't know what to accept,
Me leaving or you staying?
Letting time tear us apart?

I want to believe in a future
Where we meet again and
It's just as it was but
Even those dreams elude me.

You brought the best out of me,
Treated me right, then let me go
When all I really wanted was
To stay there, in your arms.

With you I glimpsed Heaven,
Never before felt at peace,
"What could've been" takes over
My thoughts, drowning me in tears.

You seem like you're fine,
And I'm happy for you,
Yet I wonder at times,
Am I not on your mind?

Do I just leave behind
What I thought was Love?
How do I go on with life
If you're not by my side?

I hope to find the answer soon,
I'm starting to waste away,
Becoming shrivelled and worn,
My heart withered and torn...