Body of Change

Written by: Ryan Hebets

What’s going on with my body? What’s going on with my mind? The thoughts in my head, are not thoughts of mine. His body is so sexy, yet so is she. What the hell is wrong with me? What if I told my mother, what would I say? “Hey mom I love you, oh by the way, I’m gay?” I could never tell my father, I know it would break his heart. News like this would make some people fall apart. Could I tell my friends? What would they think? Would they tell me to go away? That I’m nothing but a freak? This is the kind of thing that lasts for a lifetime. If I told anyone, they would drop me on a dime. Feelings of panic, fear, and shame. What have I done to my family name? Who can I tell, who can I trust? As I hide everything inside, I feel that I might bust. I want to be me, I want to be free. Is there a place I can seek, so I can see? I can be myself, yet not be alone? Time may pass, and that might be. But whether or not you like me. I am who I am.