Inside and Out

Written by: Katty Holburn

I don't know how, I don't know why,
I keep thinking of this guy.
He's become glued inside my mind.
I try to win, but he seems so kind.
I try to fight but just rewind.
Losing my sense of what is right...

Inside and out
Inside and out

With your syringe you dry my eyes,
You do not like to see me cry.
Tear our my heart to keep it safe,
You don't want me to feel heart break.
Skin me down I wont react,
Torture me and don't hold back.
Nothing's fun until you attack...

Inside and out
Inside and out

In my mind I see this place,
A horrid image I can't erase.
Chain me up and hold me down.
You know soon I'll start to drown.
You know my heart like the back of your hand.
We can't go back as we try to pretend.
I follow you down into the night.
Here we are as I lose the fight...

Inside and out
Inside and out

I don't know why I hear you shout,
You're just in my mind, I need you out.
Let the time pass as the sands go by.
The grains in your eyes as you start to cry.
Our chances are slim it's 2 out of 10,
I need you out but you're going to win.
Nothing is left, it's time to give in...

Inside and out
Inside and out.