Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

Perhaps sometimes you wonder When life seems misery and pain How do you rise to greet the morning Or begin to smile again? Where do you find the strength to go on With dear ones so cruelly lost? How can you bear to keep your hearts open When to love incurs such cost? Yet you must continue to live For the sake of all those you hold dear. And you must continue to love And so let others draw near..... For it is in that loving we are saved From both bitterness and hate Revenge never the answer, Though justice appears to wait.... You are not expected to forgive, Much less to ever forget. But don't let clouds of darkness Keep your world from turning yet. You must carry on daily With the human will to survive, But try to keep your hearts open So that you truly feel alive..... For love gives life its purpose Is the salve to every pain, Redresses the balance against all evil Gives hope and renewal again..... You need to be strong,have courage. Try to face each brand new day With FAITH that right will triumph And that LOVE will find the way- And if you can't deal with your anger Try to hand it to God above. He can replace it with something higher By showing the way to HIS LOVE.
I wrote this at the request of someone who has friends in America who lost somebody in the 9/11 tragedy.Maybe it might help others in a similar situation.That's why I share it with you now.