Damages of Childhood

Written by: Erica Gould

11 years I felt it,
You both said I was wrong.
There was no love between you
And I knew it all along

We were the collateral,
Caught up in your mess.
I constantly, felt like I was drowning. 
So weighed down by the stress.

Promises were never kept,
Just a tool in manipulation.
Like when he promised Disneyland
For the next years summer vacation.

The handful of good memories,
Overshadowed by the bad.
I could never understand,
How you saw him fit to be our dad.

I'd pray that you would leave him,
I begged you to be strong.
I was just a child,
And even I knew it was wrong.

You stayed until I turned 18,
My brother, 21.
You thought freedom would fix everything,
But the damage had been done.