The Children of the Living God

Written by: Diana Mohammed

Hearken to the words you hear
Let not your souls abide in fear
beloved children of the living God

Of these times were prophesied
which you behold before your eyes
Awake and be not ignorant

Stumble not with heaviness
nor give ye room to weariness
but strength through exhortation

Hasten to your work by faith
for ever draweth nigh the fate
that must befall all mankind

Let joy and peace fill saddened hearts
Let your lights spread over dark
that grace be ever with you

In desolation, hope restore
In tribulation, pursue more
With love, bond ye now with unity

For all of heaven standeth still
as trumpets sound of times fulfilled
as saints and angels sing out praise

Whilst here on earth let spirits soar
amidst the famine, hate and war
for lo! Cometh your salvation

Comfort ye all souls in need
that in the promised word they
beloved children of the living God.....

John 3:18 :- My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue
                      but in deed and in truth. (KJV)