The Bells

Written by: Linda Etling

I hear the church bells ringing
They are calling us all home
For he has an open door
In this life that we roam

Those bells sound out to all
Come meet our precious Lord
If you feel that tender calling
The ship is here, so come on board

For I heard those bells so long ago
They called deeply to my heart
He reached out and touched me, I heard His call
And now we'll never part

So this I sing so you will know
That calling you feel is real
If you choose to follow the King of Kings
The devil, your soul, can't steal

That tug on your heart is Him dear friend
Don't turn your soul away
For tomorrow is not promised
When He is calling you today

Oh the gift of that sweet calling
The love and mercy it brings
I shall forever stand for Jesus
And in my heart those church bells ring!

Written by: Linda Etling