New Beginnings

Written by: Eric Zivanai

the past turns to rust
Experience is vast, but change has come fast
For tomorow the future i lust
Burn my past, for a new tomorow i must
Tomorow will i awake???, In God i trust
regret torments my soul, but not my thrust
Against all odds, I rose like dust....
poverty and backwardness stood in my life 
like a movie cast.
I died, they killed me,.. "yes they tried"
Path of greener pastures i did find
My pain turned blind, they lied...
"Yes they did", because i found purpose and 
They died, and i live to forget
Said "no" to my past, "no" to regret
 Victory and honor I can bet
I left, to persue life's revealings
born catterpillar, turned butterfly...I CHERISH