Written by: Robert Ball

Owls, supposedly the wisest of all birds in the forest.
Although known as being smart they aren't the greatest.
Some birds run some can't even fly, yet they are cute.
Ostriches with their long necks, white top fur they hunt and execute.

In the southwest you have the road runner.
A cartoon still around remember Wiley E. Coyote a cunner.
Although Wiley E. never caught the road runner it was truly fun.
Then came Elmer Fudd chasing bugs bunny with a shotgun.

Of course my point is that although violent none got hurt.
And where would we be without Bernie and Burt?
In the the glory years of the 50's caartoons they were harmless.
They chased, they ran, they hid, and nothing was careless.

Cartoons today are a beast of a different color. 
Violence, killing, wars are the rage, and they truly are a horror.
Waht a message does t.v. send to our children? Violence.
No excuses, they are known for kills, chaos, killing our childrens innocence.

Take the owls ostrich, birds, bunnies and coyotes.
They werre mostly harmless totally funny.
Today even the commercials are tempting and violent.
We as Christians let the airways get floooded and we remain silent

Our Father told "us" long ago about the end of an age.
When chaos, violence, death, would be the worlds rage.

Be careful with how you let children see these things.
Our Father is very protective moral corruption comes at a deadly cost  you may be destroyed and loose the Spiritual Kingdom.