For The Ones I Love

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

                  For The Ones I Love

For the ones I love, I wrote these words.
As you are sitting here, with tears in your 
eyes I am also here. You may not see me,
but I am here. I am now ready to leave 
this world and I want you to let me go.

There are things that I must do. Don't tie
yourselves to me with tears. When we were 
together, I gave you my love all those years.
You in turn gave me lots of joy and for that,
I thank you all. 

If we had differences, we always came through.
Now I must take a journey, but I must do it alone.
If you must cry, than go ahead. Cry for a moment 
and let God comfort your soul.

The seperation won't be long. Keep the good 
memories deep within your heart. Even if you don't 
see me, I will be there by your side. You might not
see me, but at times you might feel me.

When you are ready to take this journey - this is the
road that you must follow. I will be the one to greet you 
when you clime the Golden Stairs, with opened arms 
and a smile. I will tell you - welcome home, JESUS is
waiting for you at the door...

Written by:  Lucilla M. Carrillo