My Bedroom Zoo

Written by: peggy caulfield

My mother says my room's a zoo
I guess I'd have to say so too.
My bed is full from bottom to top,
With stuffies from a nearby shop.
Herman snake is on my bed,
Casting glares at big dog Red.
Taffy and Ginger, my little cats,
Are snuggled up beside puss Pat.
Big Berly Bear has his own place to keep,
Across my polar pillow where I need to sleep.
At your own risk, dare to enter my room,
You might get bit by a nasty raccoon.
Pandas and zebra, and Billy the goat,
Mr. Giraffe stands guard in his bright yellow coat.
Sometimes my animals cling to the wall,
Like my two little monkeys in blue overalls.
My closet is full of precious stuffies too,
A tiger, a lion, and an elephant named Drew.
A family of skunks, the mother's real big,
There's Daffy my duck, and a squealing pig.
Arnold the mouse,friend of the rat,
Charlie the hamster, and Cat in the Hat.
A guide you will need, amongst all of my friends,
For in my zoo the animals don't end.