Portrait of Hannah and Otto on a Lake

Written by: Gail DeBole

Written on April 14, 2012
For Bill William's Palindrome Contest

Hannah and Otto lived by a lake
In a house with an address of 8008.

Some nights they would kayak around and around
So quietly; there was nary a sound.

One night they heard an erie toot and some beeps
And rowed towards the sounds without making a peep.

They each gasped twice when they saw what was there.
It was Ogopogo coming up for air!

Ogopogo turned and smiled at them
They were both wowed; he seemed like a friend.

It turned out that he was quite civil and charming
His conversation was respectful and, therefore, disarming.

And at the end of the exchange, he asked, “Do you happen to know
Where my girlfriend, Loch Nessie, would possibly go?

I’ve been looking around this lake for centuries, it seems
And if I don’t find her soon, I will simply scream!”

Gail DeBole
(There have been claimed sightings of Ogopogo, a Canadian Lake monster that is commonly described as a 40 to 50 ft. sea monster.)

Note: Part of the Portrait Poetry Collection