Written by: Robert Ball

If in trouble always pray and ask for Jesus's nod.
Through Him if He wills, the Holy Spirits wisdom will get you to God.
With the Lord all things are possible.
Pray in contriteness, humbly, and nothing with God's help is impossible.

Our Father is there for all of "us".
If in Jesus we trust.
The Holy Spirit is given by God, if He wills.
In faith our troubles will be over and that is a wonderful thrill.

Our world is in trouble the devil is here.
So be vigil pray always to be worthy soon Jesus will appear.
God's plan is written in the Holy Bible.
It's a need we have for our Spiritual revival.

Cast to this earth the evil one's time is short.
It will be a blink of and eye and it will be curt.
The faithful who are troubled have God and through faith should not worry.
The followers of Satan will wake up and for eternity they'll be truly sorry.